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Tired of wasting your money on products that don’t deliver, throwing everything at your skin without getting results, and trying to figure out this skincare thing on your own? 

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Our mission is to cut through all the marketing nonsense, misleading claims, and false myths to figure out what really works to fight wrinkles, banish acne, and achieve your best skin day – every day.

What If You Could Have Great Skin... Every Day?


  • Going out foundation-free – you don’t need it anymore.
  • Being mistaken for someone younger – OFTEN,
  • Feeling sexy and confident in your skin – now you can finally go for the job of your dreams, say yes to every invitation without fear another breakout will ruin the day, and do all the things your bad skin was holding you back from.

It’s not wishful thinking. It’s what happens when you use skincare products that work.

We’ve made it our mission to simplify skincare for you.

We’re not easily impressed by the latest skincare gadgets, complicated skincare routines, and miraculous Botox alternatives. We only recommend what research has proven to work… and you may be surprised to know that hasn’t changed much in the past 10 years!

Say goodbye to skincare FOMO. Achieving great skin is easier than you think…



We do skincare differently at Beautiful With Brains. Here’s how our recipe for clear, glowing skin.

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'If there's a woman to trust with your skin, it's definitely Gio!'

If there’s one woman to trust with your skin, it’s definitely Gio! Not only has she dedicated years to researching and testing out various skincare products and regimens, she is extremely knowledgeable about all things ingredients and what really works for the skin (and what doesn’t). In other words, Gio knows her stuff! I can’t recommend her enough.

about me

Hi, I'm Gio!

For years, I committed every skincare sin in the book (yes, I went to bed without taking off my makeup and wore sunscreen only at the beach. Sssshhhh!).

My skin was a mess.

My cheeks were constantly dry, my chin was breaking out every week, and my t-zone was shinier than a frying pan. I’ve tried every skincare product and weird beauty ritual I could find, but they didn’t work. Sometimes, they even made things worse. 

It’s only when I turned to science that things changed.

I know you have better things to do than read boring science papers. That’s why I’ve created Beautiful with Brains. Here, I share what I’ve discovered in a simple and fun way that won’t make your head spin (but you may spit out your Coke with laughter – yes, that happened!).

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Ready to transform your skin?

Everyone deserves clear, glowing skin. Whether you’re a complete newbie who doesn’t know where to start, a skincare fanatic who wants to maximise her routine, or a busy professional who just needs someone to create her the perfect plan, we’ve got you covered. Check out the options below to find out what’s the best fit for you.

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Skincare guide

Skincare That Works

Your No-Nonsense Guide To Younger-Looking Skin: cut through the hype and noise to reveal what really works to banish acne, fight wrinkles, and achieve your best skin ever – at any age.

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Layering Guide

Not sure what ingredients you can use together and how to layer them? Download your FREE cheatsheet and find out how to get the most out of your skincare products.

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Routine Makeover

Stop trying to figure out skincare on your own and waste precious time and money in the process. Let us create a personalised skincare routine that works for you.